IMPORTANT: In all circumstances, we strongly discourage deleting/uninstalling apps to try to fix problems unless explicitly instructed to do so by our customer support agents. You never need to delete any app to close it, restart it, or to install an update. Doing so can result in permanent data loss.

■ (Google Play/Android) Progress missing on re-opening app

We're aware of an issue affecting a small number of Android players where Puzzle Page may fail to save the last session when exiting the app, somtimes impacting the daily reward streak. We are investigating this issue. In the meantime we recommend updating the app to the latest available version: Updating Your App FAQ  and ensuring your game is signed into your Google Play Games account before you start playing. You can check if you're signed in through the Options menu or waiting for the welcome message with the Play Games icon to be shown when the game is opened.




■  (Apple/iOS) Issues when trying to sync data between devices

Some players have reported that data is not migrating to a new device or stops syncing between devices signed into the same Apple ID.

We are making changes to the cloud saving system that should solve this issue. Please sign in through the Profile area of the app using the same credentials on all devices to prepare for updates in the coming months.

In the meantime, we recommend checking that cloud saving is enabled before installing the game on a new device. You can check this under Options on the ⋮ Menu. If cloud saving is enabled you should see a message like this:

If you are not signed in, please refer to this guide

Migrating to a new device

If possible, we strongly recommend checking to confirm that your save data has transferred successfully to a new device BEFORE factory resetting or deactivating your old device. If you still have access to the intact save data on your original device this may assist in our efforts to resolve your issue.

For iOS users adding a new device to their existing Apple account, we always recommend using the provided Quick Start / restore from iCloud Backup options during device setup to transfer existing app data automatically wherever possible.

Syncing between multiple devices

Where the game is not syncing between devices, please ensure both the Puzzle Page app and the iOS operating system software are updated to the latest available versions on both devices, and that you have free space available on iCloud. If your game is still not syncing, please wait for updates in the coming months.

Please do not uninstall the app from any devices as this may cause progress stored on that device to be permanently lost.



■ (Amazon) Crossword stats and achievements reset

The Amazon App Store version of the game will reset the stats of completed Crosswords, Diamonds and Challengers when the app is closed and reopened. Thank you for your paitence while we investigate the cause of this issue.



 Puzzle Page (Google Play) will not progress past the loading splash screen

We're aware of an issue affecting a small number of players using Android devices that may prevent Puzzle Page from launching correctly. Thank you for your patience as we investigate this issue.
Apologies for any inconvenience caused by these issues. If an issue is listed above, please be assured that we are working to resolve it as soon as we can. Please check back to this page for updates.

If you've encountered an issue that is not listed above or covered elsewhere in the FAQs, please contact us including details of the issue, and the device you're using to play.