The cloud saving feature allows you to access your saved progress data and continue playing on another device.

This can be used to synchronise your progress between multiple devices connected to the same account, or to transfer your progress to a new device.

The data that can be transferred includes your game progress, puzzles you've unlocked, accumulated currency and rewards, and subscription status.

To use this feature, all devices must be on the same platform (iOS or Android). It is recommended that all devices have the latest available version of the game app and operating system software installed.


iOS (iPhone/iPad)

■ All devices must be logged into the same Apple ID in the Settings app. 
■ The iCloud Drive option must be enabled for this Apple ID.
■ In the list of apps in the iCloud settings, Puzzle Page must be set to enabled.

You can check whether these requirements are met in the Settings app on each device.

Google Play (Android)

■ The Google Play Games app must be installed on all devices.
■ All devices must be logged into the same Google account in the Google Play Games app.

If all these requirements are met, your progress should be downloaded automatically when Puzzle Page is installed and launched on the additional device. You can also prompt the game to retrieve the latest save data by selecting Options from the ⋮ Menu and then selecting Restore to Device.

Please note that the cloud saving feature is not currently supported in the Amazon AppStore version of Puzzle Page.