Mix Up Mode is a new game mode that unlocks once you've completed all the chapters currently available in the original (Classic) mode.

You can access Mix Up Mode from the game's title screen, or from the button in the bottom left hand corner of the Map View screen.

When you start Mix Up Mode you'll see a new path of chapters, separate to the main game.

(You can return to the main game at any time by selecting the 'Classic' button in the bottom left hand corner.)

How to play

Select a puzzle to unlock and play.

As with the Classic game, you must examine the photo to determine the words that should be entered as clue answers. Unlike the Classic game, there's no crossword grid to complete - instead, the answers have been cut up into pieces and mixed up with other word fragments in a 5 X 6 grid. You must select the right word fragments in the right order to spell out the answer words.

So for example, if the clue photo shows a forest, some answers might be:



Please note that for each puzzle, there is a defined set of answer words. You may be able to find other dictionary words by combining fragments, but they won't register as correct answers.

If you make a mistake, you can delete fragments from your answer by tapping on them in the answer board (directly above the photo).

You can also tap on the photo to zoom in, if you want to examine it closely.

As with the Classic mode, you can use coins to purchase two kinds of hints: removing all fragments from the grid that aren't used in a clue, and automatically adding the next fragment to the current answer.