Misconfigured banner ads interrupting play

(08/03/2023)  We're aware of an issue affecting a small number of players where certain banner ads may attempt to open links and store pages without having been interacted with. We are working with our ad partners to identify and remove these non-conforming ads.

If you have encountered this issue, we recommend first trying fully shutting down the app (don't delete it) and launching it again. If the issue persists, please let us know via the in-game Help system including any details of the ad.

Crash bug in One Clue Crossword version 4.7.3

(22/09/2022) One Clue Crossword version 4.7.4 is now available which resolves an issue with an earlier update that could cause the game to crash when completing a puzzle. If you are still experiencing this issue please ensure that you have updated the app to the latest available version from your device's store.


If you're experiencing an issue that is not listed above, please let us know through the in-game Help system. Please describe the issue and provide details of the device you're using to play (e.g. make, specific model name/number, operating system version). If you're unable to launch the app on your device, you can also contact support by email at support@puzzling.com - please don't forget to mention the game to which your enquiry refers.