Picture Cross provides two useful items that you can use to get a head start in a puzzle: Bombs and Frames.

When you start a new puzzle, the Bomb and Frame icons will appear below the puzzle, to the left and right of the tool selection buttons.

Tap an icon to use that item. You will be prompted to confirm that you want to use the item first. You can only use one item per puzzle.


The Bomb item fills in an area of the puzzle grid with the correct answers (filled squares or Xs). Usually this will give you enough clues to quickly fill in a large part of the puzzle.


The Frame item automatically fills in all the squares at the edges of the grid (i.e., the first and last row and column). This will give you enough information to quickly fill in a large part of the puzzle (see "2. Anchoring" in the Strategy Guide section for more information).

The number of Bombs and Frames remaining are shown on their respective icons. At the start of the game you have three Bombs and three Frames available to use. If your stock of an item is depleted to zero, tapping its icon will allow you to purchase another three for 1,000 Coins.

You can only use a Quick Start item before filling any squares on a new puzzle. If you have started playing a puzzle where you want to use a Quick Start item, you will need to select 'Map View' from the Options menu, tap the puzzle on the grid, and select 'Start Over' to clear the grid.