From the Main Menu screen you can select which puzzle pack you'd like to play.

You can return to the Main Menu at any time by touching the gear (⚙) icon in the top right corner of the game screen and selecting 'Main Menu'.

At the start of the game, most of the puzzle packs are locked (🔒). Tapping on a locked pack will show the goals that need to be completed to unlock it.

Completing all the puzzles in one puzzle pack will unlock additional packs (unless you've already unlocked them all).

New puzzle packs are added to the game from time to time in app updates. If you can't see all the packs listed below in your game, please ensure you have the latest version of the app installed.


Here you can continue (or replay) the tutorial. Once the tutorial has been completed the first three Classic Picture Cross puzzle packs become available to play.

Classic Picture Cross Packs

Complete a grid of classic (single color) Picture Cross puzzles to reveal the hidden scene!

After Dark Puzzle

Complete all 400 puzzles of the World's Biggest Puzzle pack to unlock the After Dark Puzzle. After Dark is a remix of the World's Biggest Puzzle where everything is a little bit different.

Color Picture Cross Packs 🌈

Looking for a new challenge? The puzzles in these packs use multiple ink colors. Please note that the rules are slightly different to the Classic Picture Cross puzzles - please refer to the "Color Picture Cross Puzzles" FAQ for more information. Once you complete the On The Beach Pack (above) the first of the Color Picture Cross packs will become available to play.

■ New York Pack - Color!
■ Paris Pack - Color!

Picture Cross Arcade

Once you've completed all the other Puzzle Packs in the game, you can access Picture Cross Arcade. In this mode you can replay an assortment of over 700 puzzles from elsewhere in the game and collect themed sticker sets.

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