As you progress through the game, you'll unlock Color Picture Cross puzzles.

In these puzzles, squares can be filled in a selection of different colors. The clue numbers now show which color their corresponding line segment (block) should be painted.

Color Picture Cross uses slightly different rules to the classic Picture Cross puzzle.

(Please refer to the section 'Playing a puzzle' for classic Picture Cross instructions.)        

The clues list the number of unbroken groups of filled squares (blocks) that should be entered on that line. Each clue number is in a box denoting the color of the block it represents.        

Important: In Color Picture Cross, there isn't always a gap of at least one blank square between filled cell groups on a line. Because of this, some of the strategies used to solve classic (single color) Picture Cross puzzles won't work!        

The only exception to this is when a clue contains two numbers of the same color next to each other - this indicates there must be a gap of at least one unfilled square separating them.        

Use the buttons directly below the puzzle to select the current paint color, or 'X' (useful for marking squares that you have determined must remain blank).        

When you select a paint color, the clue numbers matching that color will be highlighted.

Getting started

Start by filling in the squares that logically must be filled for the clue to be valid - for instance, if the puzzle grid is 15x15 cells wide, a clue of '15' indicates all the cells on that line are filled, and a clue of e.g. '1,14' has only one valid solution (1 filled square of the first color + 14 filled squares of the second color = 15).        

You can mark squares that you have deduced are certain to be unfilled with an 'X', by selecting the 'X' button below the grid. Each line that is solved (or partially solved) provides new information for solving the lines perpendicular to it.        

You should never need to guess an answer - doing so can make the puzzle harder to solve!        

If you fill some squares incorrectly, you can erase by tapping on the filled squares with the same tool selected.