Select the gear (⚙) icon at the top right of the game screen to access the Pause Menu, then select 'Progress' to review your play statistics and awards.


Quests are optional goals that can be attempted during play. There are up to three quests active at any time. Complete all the active quests to increase your Status Level. You can also use coins to skip quests.


Trophies are awarded for completing certain puzzles in the game. Complete each set of three trophies to earn an extra reward. There are 45 trophies to find.


Achievements are awarded for completing certain milestones in the game. There are ten achievements to earn.


Here you can view your overall progress in the game: status level, puzzle sections completed, trophies, quests & achievements, and your total playing time.

Daily Rewards

Here you can view your current Daily Rewards status. Return to the game every day for five consecutive days to earn increasingly large rewards.