Select the gear (⚙) icon at the top right of the game screen to access the Pause Menu, then select 'Settings' to modify the appearance and behavior of the game.

Control Method

Picture Cross offers two control modes:
In the default mode, squares and Xs are placed by touching and dragging on the grid. The current drawing mode can be switched with the buttons below the puzzle. Squares/Xs can be deleted by tapping or dragging on them again when in the same drawing mode.
The alternate mode offers more precision, and made be easier to use if you are having difficulty selecting squares. In this mode, there is a cursor on screen. Touching and dragging anywhere in the playing area moves the cursor relative to your finger. You can also tap on the grid to make the cursor immediately hop to that location. You can then use the 'fill square' or 'X' buttons to paint the square under the cursor.
To quickly fill in large blocks of squares, you can use the 'Pin' (📌) button. Tap this button to lock the position of the cursor. Now dragging on the play area highlights a box of multiple squares. You can now use the 'fill square' or 'X' buttons to paint all the highlighted squares at once. Press the 'Pin' button again (or tap anywhere on the grid) to unlock the cursor. You can also pin the cursor at its current location by pressing and holding anywhere on the grid.

Music Volume / SFX Volume

Here you can set the volume of the game's music and sound effects. These settings will not override the volume setting of your device.

Visual Style

Choose from various background patterns and headings that are displayed while playing.
Each event pack has a unique style that cannot be changed, so this option is hidden if you are currently in an event pack.

Playing Tips

When the game is left idle for a few seconds on the grid view, a playing tip will appear. Use this setting to turn off these prompts.