Frequent app crashes on iOS devices [RESOLVED]

We have identified and resolved an issue that was causing the game to crash at random intervals for some iOS players.

If you have been experiencing this issue, please fully shut down the app on your device, check that your device is online, and then launch the app again. If after applying this fix you're still experiencing crashes, please contact us at, describing the issue and letting us know the specific iOS device model and system software version you're using to play.

Partial progress not saved when replaying a puzzle

When replaying a puzzle (or puzzles) that has already been completed at least once, if the app is closed, progress within that puzzle will be reset. This issue will be addressed in a future update.

■ Intermittent issue with posting to Facebook on iOS devices

We are aware of an issue sometimes affecting posting to Facebook. If when selecting the 'Share' option in the game, a prompt appears to "Share with your Facebook App", on returning to the game the reward may not trigger. We are investigating the cause of this issue and hope to resolve it in a forthcoming app update.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused while we work to resolve these issues.

To report a different issue with the game, please contact us by selecting 'No' below, then select 'Contact Us' and send us a description of the problem you're having.