IMPORTANT: In all circumstances, we strongly discourage deleting/uninstalling apps to try to fix problems unless explicitly instructed to do so by our customer support agents. You never need to delete an app to close and restart it or to install an update. Doing so can result in permanent data loss.

(08/03/2023) Misconfigured banner ads interrupting play

We're aware of an issue affecting a small number of players where certain banner ads may attempt to open links and store pages without having been interacted with. We are working with our ad partners to identify and remove these non-conforming ads.

If you have encountered this issue, we recommend first trying fully shutting down the app (don't delete it) and launching it again. If the issue persists, please let us know via the in-game Help system including any details of the ad.


■ Picture Cross (iOS) may crash to home screen after update

Updated 15/12/2022:

We're aware of an issue affecting a small number of Picture Cross (iOS) players causing the app to crash to the home screen at random intervals after the most recent update (version 4.1.1).

Thank you for your patience as we investigate this issue. We hope to have an app update available to correct the issue as soon as we can.

In the meantime, if you're affected by this issue you may find that launching the game with the device in airplane mode improves stability. Your progress data will only be saved locally on the device while playing in airplane mode so please be careful not to delete the app. And please don't forget to disable airplane mode again after playing.

'Unlocked' status not saved when replaying a puzzle
(01/09/2022) We are aware of an issue in version 3.9 of Picture Cross that may cause previously completed puzzles that have been unlocked to replay again (using coins) to become locked again on exiting and returning to the app. An app update to correct this issue will be available shortly, via the App Store and Google Play store.
Partial progress not saved when replaying a puzzle
When replaying a puzzle (or puzzles) that has already been completed at least once, if the app is closed, progress within that puzzle will be reset. When opting to replay puzzles we recommend trying to unlock and play through the puzzle in the same playing session where possible to avoid this issue.
Apologies for any inconvenience caused while we work to resolve these issues.
To report a different issue with the game, please contact us by selecting 'No' below, then select 'Contact Us' and send us a description of the problem you're having.