Access the World Tour mode to unlock and play additional puzzle packs based on the world’s great cities!

Each month, a new World Tour Event begins. During this event you’ll have the opportunity to unlock and keep a new World Tour Pack containing 64 puzzles themed around a specific city. There’s no time limit to complete a World Tour Pack once you’ve unlocked it, however you’ll earn a bonus reward if you complete all the puzzles in the pack before the event ends.

While a World Tour Event is running, a 🌎Globe icon will appear in the status area at the top of the Main Menu screen. Tap this icon to view:

1. Your current progress toward unlocking a new World Tour puzzle pack.

2. The amount of time (in days) remaining to complete the current event.

Playing a World Tour Event

To unlock a new World Tour Pack, you will need to complete three objectives (labelled Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3) on separate days during the event‘s duration. Usually each objective will be to complete a certain number of puzzles in one day.

■ You can complete puzzles from any unlocked puzzle pack in the Main Menu or World Tour Menu to satisfy the objectives.

■ Only puzzles that have not previously been completed will be counted. Replaying previously solved puzzles won't count toward the day's total.

■ You must complete all the puzzles required for a single day (Day 1, Day 2 or Day 3) within the same 24 hour period for that objective to be cleared.

■ You don't need to complete the three objectives on consecutive days (although this is the fastest way to unlock the pack). Once you have completed an objective, it will remain completed until the end of the event. Progress toward unlocking the pack will only be reset for the current objective if you don't manage to complete the required number of puzzles for that day within 24 hours.

■ You must complete all three objectives before the end of the event period to unlock the new pack. On the final day of the event period, all the remaining objectives will become available to complete without waiting. This will give you a last chance to unlock the pack even if you did not manage to complete the Day 1 and Day 2 objectives in time.

■ Any puzzles completed beyond the required amount for the current objective won't be counted toward completing the objectives - you'll need to return to the game another day to continue the event. The number of puzzles required to be solved each day will vary between events - however it will never be greater than 10 per day.

■ Once a World Tour Pack has been unlocked it will then be permanently available for you to play via the World Tour Menu. If an event concludes before you are able to unlock the new pack, an option will appear to let you unlock that pack via an in-app purchase from the World Tour Menu.

Playing World Tour Packs

To continue playing World Tour Packs you have previously unlocked, tap the spinning 🌎Globe icon at the bottom of the Main Menu screen to access the World Tour Menu.

As with Puzzle Packs in the main game, completing all the puzzles in a World Tour pack will reveal a new hidden scene.

If you complete all the puzzles in a World Tour pack while its Event is still running, you'll earn a bonus reward!

From the World Tour Menu, you can tap the animated 🦄Unicorn icon to return to the Main Menu.