Picture Cross Color lets you safeguard your progress by saving your game data to the Cloud.

To use this feature, you must first sign in. Several popular sign in methods are supported.

Touch the ⚙️ (OPTIONS) icon and select ☁️ (CLOUD SAVE) to sign in or out.

Once you've signed in successfully, your progress will be saved to the Cloud automatically during play whenever your device is online.

In the event of data loss or migrating to a new device, you can then sign in again (using the same credentials) to retrieve your data.

Please note that coins and tokens are not stored as part of your cloud save data. If the app is installed on a new device, or deleted and reinstalled on the same device, the coin and token balances will be reset.

If you play Picture Cross Color on multiple devices signed into the same account, each device will maintain it's own local coin and token balances: coins and tokens earned or purchased on one device can only be used on that device.