IMPORTANT: In all circumstances, we strongly discourage deleting/uninstalling apps to try to fix problems unless explicitly instructed to do so by our customer support agents. You never need to delete any app to close it, restart it, or to install an update. Doing so can result in permanent data loss.


Picture Cross Color (iOS) will not progress past the loading splash screen

In certain rare cases, when Picture Cross Color has been installed on a iPhone or iPad for an extended period, it may fail to launch after the app has updated. This issue will be corrected in a forthcoming update. In the meantime, if you are affected by this issue please try the following steps:

1. Open the Settings app on your device.
2. Select General, then iPhone Storage (or iPad Storage as applicable)
3. Find and select Picture Cross Color from the list of installed apps.
4. Select Offload App, and confirm.
5. Return to the home screen and tap the Picture Cross Color icon to restore it to your device.

Please note that you must follow the exact steps above to repair the app without losing your data.

Thank you for your patience as we investigate this issue.


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