When you purchase coins or tokens in the in-game store, you will receive a confirmation message and the items will appear immediately in your game.

Before making a purchase, we recommend ensuring that your device is connected to the internet, and that you have a valid payment method associated with your device's store account.

If the items don't appear immediately, something has gone wrong with your order. In such cases, we suggest that you contact the store through which the order was placed to request a refund:

Apple/iTunes Customer Support:

Google Play Customer Support:

Amazon.com AppStore Customer Support:

Please note that some online stores operate under a policy of treating digital purchases as non-refundable - however if it is established that an error has occurred preventing an order to complete correctly, they may offer a refund at their sole discretion. Please refer to the store's terms and conditions (EULA) for further details.

If you have followed these steps but still require further assistance, please contact us.