Choose a puzzle to play

On the Home Room screen, select one of the currently available Puzzle Packs by tapping one of the open books on the desk.

On the next screen you'll see a grid of padlock icons representing the available puzzles in the pack.

Puzzles are graded by size, complexity and cost to unlock (in tokens).

Information about the currently selected puzzle is displayed in the area below the grid:

■ Grid size
■ Difficulty
■ Longest path length
■ Prize awarded for completion (a '?' indicates a mystery prize)

Tap the UNLOCK button (the large gold button with the key and play symbol) to unlock and start playing the selected puzzle. The cost to unlock the puzzle is displayed on the button.

If the selected puzzle has already been unlocked (but not yet completed), the UNLOCK button changes to RESTART PUZZLE and CONTINUE PLAYING buttons.

Some puzzles can be unlocked by viewing a video rather than spending tokens. These are marked with a flashing Play symbol (▶️) on the grid.

Playing your puzzle

To complete the puzzle, draw a path connecting each pair of squares with the same number and color (as described in the Getting Started section of this guide).

You can pinch and drag to zoom and scroll around the playing area.

You can also use the Pathfinder and Find Errors helper functions by tapping the red '?' or purple 'grid' icons in the status area at the top of the screen.

Once you've drawn all the paths, the picture will be revealed. Tap the reward button below the puzzle image to claim the reward for completing this puzzle. You will be returned to the Puzzle Select screen, where part of the hidden scene will now be revealed.

At any time during play you can pause the current puzzle by tapping the Settings icon (⚙). Two icons will appear in the status area while the puzzle is paused: The 'Home' icon returns to the Home Room screen, while the 'Puzzle Select' icon returns to the Puzzle Select screen for the current puzzle pack.