Thank you for choosing Pixel Path! Here you'll find hundreds of puzzles where you'll paint paths to reveal hidden pictures. Complete all the puzzles in a pack to reveal an animated hidden scene!

When you open the app you'll be presented with the Home Room. From here you can select a puzzle pack to play by scrolling left and right. (Some packs will be locked at the start of the game.)

You can also tap the Settings icon (⚙) in the top right corner to change the game's settings.

Tap the white rabbit to start the short tutorial. When the tutorial is complete you can access the Paris puzzle pack and start your journey!

Tutorial Mode

The tutorial consists of three short puzzles which show how to use different game features.

Stage 1

Pixel Path puzzles are completed by joining all the squares with the same number and color to their counterparts on the grid, making a path of exactly as many squares (including the start and end square) as that number.

This puzzle lets you try this out (don't worry, you can't make any mistakes at this stage). Paths can connect squares vertically or horizontally (no diagonals) and can never overlap with other paths or themselves.

Stage 2

Pixel Path includes a Pathfinder function (the ❓ icon in the status area) which can be used to automatically complete the line for the selected square on the grid at the cost of some coins.

You can use this to get a head start on larger puzzles or if you can't see the next move to make. This puzzle will walk you through using this feature.

Stage 3

This stage starts with a partially completed puzzle where an error has been made: at least one of the paths that has been drawn take up the space needed for another path.

Tap the indicated Find Errors option (the purple grid icon in the status area) to mark the incorrect path(s) with red Xs. Double tap the red path where shown to erase it. (You can double tap any path you've drawn to erase it if you've spotted an error yourself.) Fill in the 3, 4 and 7 paths and you should be able to see the correct place to put the 9 path.

This stage also demonstrates how you can use the pinch gesture to zoom in and out of the grid and touch and drag to scroll around.