You can check whether a timed event has ended (or view how much time remains to complete it) under Suggestions.

While a timed event is underway, you can find the items you need to complete the event objective(s) in the Special Issues library.

Special Issues containing items will be marked with a pink icon (depending on the event type). Opening a Special Issue will then show which specific pages contain the items - and opening the pages will show the specific puzzles that need to be unlocked and completed to obtain the items.

The Special Issues library can be scrolled vertically to view issues based on different puzzle types, and horizontally to view all of the available issues on each row.

If you are having trouble finding all the items needed to complete an event, here are some things to try:

■  Please try closing down and relaunching the Puzzle Page app (don't delete it!).

■  Please try swiping left on each row of Special Issues to see if any items are attached to issues that were scrolled offscreen.

■  In certain cases (when a large number of Special Issues puzzles have already been completed), some of the items may be attached to puzzles you have already completed once. You can select Special Issues you have previously completed to view their contents, and select any marked puzzles to replay them to claim the items.

In most cases, you will need to perform some additional task (e.g. assembling a jigsaw) once all the pieces have been collected to complete the event. Return to the Event panel in the Suggestions area to perform the final steps and claim the event bonus reward!

(For more information on Timed Events, please refer to the "What are Timed Events?" FAQ in the "⭐ New players start here" section of the Playing Guide.)