We work with external advertising partners to show ads in our games.

While it's not possible for us to review every ad before it appears in the game, we work closely with these partners to ensure that the ads they show are appropriate for all audiences, and don't interfere with normal game function.

Occasionally, an ad that doesn't meet our standards may slip through. We know that this can be frustrating, and in such cases we greatly appreciate any information you can provide to help us identify and remove 'problem' ads, so we can improve the experience for all players.

You can report an ad via the option below. Please be sure to provide the following details if possible:

■ The name of the app/product/service being advertised
■ The name of the ad network (e.g. AppLovin, Vungle, etc.) if it appears in the ad
■ Any information displayed when you tap the "More Info", "i", "?" or similar icon on the ad
■ (If you're reporting an inappropriate ad) A brief description of the content of the ad
■ (If you're reporting a faulty ad) What happened when you tried to view the ad

If the ad keeps reappearing, you may also want to try fully closing down the app (do not delete it), ensuring your device is connected to the internet, and then launching the app again. This will refresh the pool of available ads. Sometimes the 'problem' ad will have already been detected and removed from circulation in the intervening time.

We also recommend disabling any VPN or ad blocker services running on your device during play, as these can interfere with ads being shown and rewards being credited.

Unfortunately we are not able to recredit rewards in cases where an ad fails to complete correctly.

We recommend that any apps and media that display ads are always used with adult supervision.