The ads in our games are provided by third party ad networks. While we try to ensure that all ads shown function correctly and are audience appropriate, sometimes problem ads can slip through.

If you're having a problem with an ad shown in our games, we recommend first trying to fully close down the app (do not delete it), ensure your device is connected to the internet, and then launching the app again. This will prompt the game to request new ads. It is often the case that a problem ad has already been detected and removed from circulation in the intervening time.

We also recommend disabling any VPN or ad blocker services running on your device while playing, as these can interfere with ads being shown and rewards being credited.

If on relaunching the app the problem is still occurring, please contact us via the in-game Contact Support option or via email to

It will greatly assist our ability to investigate issues with ads if you can include as much of the following information as possible in your message:

- The game where the ad appeared
- The make and model of device you're using to play
- Your country/region
- The name of the app or product being advertised
- Any additional information that is displayed when you tap the "More Info", "i", "?" or similar icon
- The name of the ad network (e.g. Vungle, IronSource, AdColony, etc.) if it's visible

Unfortunately we are not able to recredit rewards in cases where an ad fails to complete correctly.