Please Note: This FAQ pertains to deleting data we hold in relation to your account in accordance with data protection obligations.

THESE ARE NOT INSTRUCTIONS FOR RESETING YOUR GAME PROGRESS.'s games are live services, and we do not offer an option to revert, reset or otherwise modify a player's game progress. Thank you for your understanding.


This game includes a 'Sign In' feature that allows you to sign in and create a free account to save your game progress to the cloud.

If after creating an account using this feature you later decide that you want to delete it and erase your data, you can do so by selecting the 'Delete my account' option on the signing in screen. You will be prompted to confirm whether you want to continue. Please note that once you've confirmed, the action cannot be undone.

In some game versions, selecting 'Delete my account' may instead open a conversation with our support team where you can request for your data to be deleted.

If you are unable to access the game, you can also make a data deletion request by emailing with the required information.

Verifying you as the account owner

Security is very important to us and we have to be absolutely sure you are the owner of your account before we can proceed with any requests. Because of that, please make sure that you keep track of all your important details so that if needed, we're able to easily verify your identity.

The details we require for the deletion procedure are:
  • Game name:
  • User ID you have in the game (this is displayed on the 'Sign in' screen if you are signed in*):
  • Email address of your account (if applicable):
  • Your country and state/province:
  • Approximate date of creation of this account:
*Please note the User ID is not currently displayed in Puzzle Page. Please provide the other information listed above to allow us to verify your identity.

The account deletion process

The deletion process normally consists of the following steps:

1.) REQUEST: you, the player, send us a request informing that you would like to delete your account and provide the information requested above.

2.) VALIDATION: the support team will cross-check your information with our internal database. If the data matches, we initiate the deletion process and notify you that the deletion has started.

3.) DELETION: all the records of your account will be deleted.

4.) FINAL NOTIFICATION: once the deletion process has concluded, we notify you that the process has been finished.

Please note:

Once the deletion process has started, it is not possible to cancel the request and the account will be deleted.
We try to delete your account as soon as possible but in any case, we will endeavour to finalise the deletion within 30 days. We will keep you updated if, in exceptional circumstances, we need to extend this for any reason.

Extra information to keep in mind

We will delete only the game account that you request us to delete.

Deleting your account will fully erase all records of its existence from our system. It is not possible to recover the account once the deletion process has finished.

Please note that some of our partners may continue to process your data for their own purposes in accordance with their own policies (e.g. if you chose to access our games through Facebook or Google). Please contact them directly if you also wish to delete your records with them.

If your account was connected with Facebook and/or Google, we strongly suggest to delete the login access from your Facebook/Google account.
Removing an app from Facebook:
Removing an app from Google:

This process does not delete the game from your mobile device - you'll need to do that yourself. If you open the game again from your device and start playing, a new game account will be created and if the link from Google or Facebook was not broken from your side, the new account might connect with Facebook or Google.

Puzzle Page: This process does not cancel any subscription you may have. Please refer to the Subscriptions FAQ for details on how to disable automatic renewal:

For more information regarding how we use your data, please refer to our Privacy Policy: