We recommend using the latest available version of the Puzzle Page app to access the game.
Check now if there is an update available for your device:

📲 iPhone / iPad

📲 Android devices

📲 Amazon Fire and compatible devices

If an update is available you should see an option to UPDATE on the store page. If you can only see an option to OPEN the app, you are already running the latest available version.
To check the version of Puzzle Page you have installed

Launch Puzzle Page and select Options from the ⋮ Menu. The Options menu should appear. At the bottom of this menu you should see a small gray box with "Build Version: X.X.X" where "X.X.X" is the version number.

To update Puzzle Page to the latest available version

If you need to manually update the app, you can do so by visiting www.puzzlepage.info on the device(s) where you have Puzzle Page installed and selecting the Download option. This should then take you to Puzzle Page's store listing on your device's app store (iOS App Store, Google Play or Amazon AppStore). On this page you should see the option to Update the app (if a new update is available).


■ Most modern devices are configured to update apps automatically by default. If you are consistently finding that Puzzle Page is not running the latest version, this setting may have been disabled on your device. Please refer to the manufacturer's support materials for your device for more information on how to configure this setting.

■ If you have confirmed that you are running an older version of Puzzle Page, but do not see an option to update the app on the game's store page:

• The update may not yet be available. Due to the nature of digital distribution, there may sometimes be a short delay before updates are visible for all users and on all platforms.

• Puzzle Page may no longer be compatible with your device or operating system version. Please first try updating your device's operating system software to the latest available version, then check the store page again.