If you've installed Puzzle Page on a new device (or re-installed it on your current device after a break) and your progress data isn't automatically restored, please try the following steps before contacting support:

■ First, please refer to the FAQ "How can I continue playing on another device?" to determine whether your devices meet the requirements to use the cloud saving feature.

■ Ensure all devices are connected to the internet and launch the Puzzle Page app.

■ Open the ⋮ Menu and select Options. On each device, you should see a message indicating that Puzzle Page is signed in to your device's user account.

■ Select Restore to Device (on the device that is not syncing automatically) if the option is displayed.

If you have followed these steps but still require further assistance, you can contact us by selecting Help from the ⋮ Menu and then selecting Contact Support.

Please note that the cloud saving feature is not currently supported in the Amazon AppStore version of Puzzle Page.