Please note this puzzle type only appears during certain limited time events. Please refer to the Notices feed in the Menu, and the Suggestions area in the Hub Screen for more information on current and forthcoming Events.

Collecting Boxes

During the event, certain Special Issues puzzles will be marked with a 'box' icon. Completing these puzzles will award boxes which are added to the event total. Once enough boxes have been collected to complete a Stack, that Stack will become available to play as a word puzzle. More Stacks (puzzles) will become available to unlock over the course of the event. (You can view when each Stack will become available in the event's panel in the Suggestions screen.)

Playing the Puzzle

The Stacks puzzle screen displays the following (from top to bottom):

1. The theme of the puzzle. All the words you will need to find will relate to this theme.

2. The word tray. Once you find words in the stack, those boxes will be removed from the stack and placed in this area. Here you can see the number of words left to find, and the number of letters in each word.

3. The Stack. All the answer words are hidden here.

The object of the puzzle is to find words (relating to the theme) hidden in the stack. As with a wordsearch puzzle, words can appear horizontally or vertically, forwards and backwards, however words are never hidden diagonally.

Once you find a possible answer word, touch and drag along those boxes to highlight it. If it's one of the answers the puzzle is looking for, the boxes will be removed from the grid and added to the word tray.

When boxes are removed, the remaining boxes will fall down or shift left or right toward the center to fill any gaps. When this happens, new words may be formed.

If you can see a word (or part of a word) that's broken up by unrelated letters, it's possible that you need to find and remove other words from the stack first.

Once all the boxes have been removed from the stack the puzzle is complete.

You can return to a Stacks puzzle that has been unlocked but not yet completed by opening the Suggestions area of the Hub Screen and viewing the Event.