Welcome to the May 2021 update of Puzzle Page! (Version 4.0)

This month's update includes six new Special Issues, a new puzzle type, plus the usual bug fixes and improvements.

New Puzzle Type: Link Words

Complete the grid using only the letter tiles provided. All the words to find relate to the puzzle's theme or clue.

The first two Special Issues of Link Words puzzles can be found in the Special Issues area of the hub. Plus look out for more Link Words puzzles appearing in the Daily Page in future!

Six New Special Issues

• Charge Up Issue 7
• Codeword Issue 7
• Cross Out Issue 7
• Link Words Issue 1
• Link Words Issue 2
• Picture Cross Issue 5

Certain Special Issues are exclusive to Puzzle Page subscribers. Please tap the 'Subscribe' button in the top right corner of the game screen to find out more about all the benefits of the Puzzle Page subscription.

We look forward to continuing to expand and improve Puzzle Page each month - if you have any comments, questions or suggestions you can contact us here or at support@appynation.com and @Puzzle_Page on Twitter.

Thank you for playing! - Your Puzzle Page team