Events are optional challenges that are available to play for a limited time.

Information about forthcoming and currently active events will appear in your Notices inbox (accessible via the ⋮ Menu) from time to time.

Information about currently active events can be viewed in the 'Suggestions' area of the Puzzle Page hub.

Here you'll be able to see:

■ The time remaining to complete the event
■ Your progress toward completing the event
■ A brief explanation of the event objective(s) that can be viewed by tapping the 'i' symbol.

Events can have multiple objectives to solve. Typical objectives may involve solving specific puzzles in the Daily Pages and Special Issues sections of Puzzle Page to collect items, or completing special puzzles that appear within the event itself.

Unless otherwise noted, Events are open to all players. (For example, if you are not currently a Puzzle Page subscriber, and a new event appears in the your game, the event will not require you to access any Subscriber-exclusive content to complete it.) Some events may only appear if you've reached a certain progress level.

Completing an event before the end of it's allotted time will earn you a bonus reward*. Rewards may include coins, tokens, progress points and Bonus Cards that are stored in the Suggestions section for later use.
* Please note that all players who complete a given event will receive the same reward. Event rewards are not affected by any active Bonus Card effects.