Welcome to the May 2020 update of Puzzle Page! (Version 3.2)

This month's update includes five new Special Issues for Puzzle Page subscribers, plus an important adjustment to the past Daily Pages for non-subscribers, as well as the usual bug fixes and improvements.

Due to some unforeseen technical issues this update will appear a little later than usual for some users, but please be assured that all current players will receive this update and that this will not affect the planned release of the next monthly update. Apologies for any inconvenience.

Claim a discount on past Daily Pages

Previously, the "Hot Off The Press!" discount offer (50% off the token cost to unlock any puzzle on a Daily Page) could only be claimed on the day a new page was published.

You can now return to any past Daily Page you missed, and unlock any one puzzle for 20 tokens to activate the discount for the rest of that page. There are hundreds of past Daily Pages that you can access through the Calendar view in the hub.

Puzzle Page subscribers continue to have free access to all puzzles on Daily Pages.

Five New Special Issues

■ Armada Issue 5
■ Armada Issue 6
■ Charge Up Issue 5
■ Codeword Issue 5
■ Sudoku Issue 6

You can find these and many more Special Issues in the Special Issues Library section accessible from the Hub screen.

This month's new Special Issues are exclusive to Puzzle Page subscribers. Please tap the 'Subscribe' button in the top right corner of the game screen to find out more about all the benefits of the Puzzle Page subscription.

And don't forget there are also 100 unlocked puzzles waiting for subscribers in the Mixed Puzzles 1 Special Issue!

We look forward to continuing to expand and improve Puzzle Page each month - if you have any comments, questions or suggestions you can contact us at support@appynation.com and @Puzzle_Page on Twitter.

Thank you for playing! - Your Puzzle Page team