The issues listed below are resolved in the current version of Puzzle Page. If you're experiencing these issues, please first try updating Puzzle Page to the latest available version at

Completing a Special Issue results in a crash

A bug in the Puzzle Complete sequence caused the game to crash when the last remaining puzzle in a Special Issue was completed. This is resolved in the current version of the game.

■ Issue preventing "A Puzzling Fact" event from being completed

A technical issue prevented the "A Puzzling Fact" event (30/04/2021-03/05/2021) from being completeable for some players. We've taken steps to prevent this issue from reoccuring in future events. Apologies for any inconvenience.

■ Puzzle Page version 3.8 (Amazon AppStore) could become unresponsive

■ Puzzle Page version 3.8 (iOS) crash at startup for users in some locales

Puzzle Page version 3.5 failing to start certain iOS devices running iOS 11 or earlier

Missing puzzle in Bridges Special Issue 5

Picture Cross on August 6th, 20th and 29th 2020 Daily Pages

Color Picture Cross puzzles on certain Daily Pages published in August 2020 could not be solved due to a bug preventing the correct ink colors from being selectable.

This issue is resolved in Version 3.4 of Puzzle Page. The affected puzzles can be selected and played as normal.

■ Picture Block Quest not completing correctly

There was an issue that could prevent a Quest involving completing Picture Block puzzles from being recognised as completed.

■ Rewards not being credited for Monthly Issues achievements

An intermittent issue could occur where the reward for completing certain achievements was not being triggered correctly.

Regretably, as the game recorded those rewards as having been credited, it is not possible to retroactively apply them. If you have previously reported missing achievement rewards, please bear with us as we process manual corrections.

■ Intermittent 'black screen' issue after closing ads

Some players reported an intermittent issue with certain ads in Puzzle Page exiting to a black screen and requiring the app to be closed down and relaunched to continue play.

■ Graphical issue affecting some Word Snake puzzles

On certain Word Snake puzzles (with 11x11 letter grids), a rendering error could occur which prevented the lines marking completed clues on the grid from being displayed correctly.