Welcome to the April 2020 update of Puzzle Page!

This month's update includes:

■ Nine New Special Issues
■ New Puzzle Type: Picture Block
■ New Notices Inbox

New Puzzle! Picture Block

Try this new logic puzzle where you must stretch and resize colored blocks to reveal a picture.

Select 'Puzzle Instructions' to see the complete rules.

Look out for Picture Block puzzles on the Daily Page, and in Special Issues.

New Special Issues

■ Picture Block Issue 1
■ Picture Block Issue 2
■ Picture Block Issue 3
■ Picture Block Issue 4
■ Picture Cross Color Issue 3
■ Futoshiki Issue 5 *
■ Mixed Puzzles Issue 1 *
■ Sudoku Issue 5 *
■ Word Snake Issue 4 *

* exclusive to Puzzle Page subscribers

Plus as an added bonus for subscribers we've unlocked all the puzzles in Mixed Puzzles Issue 1 - that's 100 new puzzles you can play right away!

New! Notices Inbox

We've added a new message area to allow you to review new announcements and info without interrupting your game.

When new messages are available, a mail icon will appear on the ≡ Menu in the status bar area. Tap the icon and select Notices to view.

You can tap on any message to mark it as read.

You can delete a read message by tapping the 'trashcan' icon.

Additional notes

We're rolling out this update (Version 3.1.1) to all users over the next few days. If you can't yet see the update on your device's app store, it will be available very soon! If the app hasn't updated automatically you can manually update via http://www.puzzlepage.info/

We look forward to continuing to expand and improve Puzzle Page each month - if you have any comments, questions or suggestions you can contact us at support@appynation.com and @Puzzle_Page on Twitter.

Thank you for playing! - Your Puzzle Page team