Thanks for your patience as we've prepared this latest Puzzle Page update. This month we're introducing another new puzzle (Charge Up) bringing the total number of puzzle types to 20! There's also a selection of new Special Issues including an all new Picture Cross collection.

New puzzle type: Charge Up

Place the electric cars on the grid so that each car is next to a charger, but no cars are touching!

Please select 'Puzzle Instructions' (when selecting a Charge Up puzzle to unlock/play) to see the complete rules.

You'll find a new Charge Up puzzle each Sunday, and more in the Special Issues library.

New Special Issues

■ Picture Cross: "Food & Drink"
■ Quote Slide Issue 4
■ Charge Up Issue 1
■ Charge Up Issue 2
■ Charge Up Issue 3
■ Charge Up Issue 4

Special Issues marked are exclusive to Puzzle Page subscribers.

Additional notes

We're rolling out this update (Version 2.9) to all users over the next few days. If you can't yet see the update on your device's app store, it will be available very soon! If the app hasn't updated automatically you can manually update via

We look forward to continuing to expand and improve Puzzle Page each month - if you have any comments, questions or suggestions you can contact us at and @Puzzle_Page on Twitter.

Thank you for playing! - Your Puzzle Page team