Puzzle Page saves your game progress to the cloud by default*. When you launch the app, it will try to retrieve the latest save data from the cloud.

In some rare instances, the Cloud Save data and the local save data may differ and can't be merged automatically. This may happen if the game is being played on multiple devices or when the game has been played offline for an extended period.

In these cases, Puzzle Page will ask whether you would like to continue with the local data or overwrite it with the cloud save data.

  • The cloud save is the last time the game was able to back up your save while playing with an internet connection. If you last played on another device, this will likely be the most up to date.
  • The local save is the last time the game was saved on the device you are currently using. If you last played on the same device or only use one device, this will be the most up to date.

The time, date and coin and token amounts of each version of the data are displayed. Select which you want to use and select Confirm to continue the game using this data. Please choose carefully because the choice cannot be reversed.

* Please note that this feature is not currently supported in the Amazon AppStore version of the game.