Connect all the islands together by placing bridges, ensuring that each island has exactly as many bridges connected to it as the number shown.

How to play

In this logic puzzle (sometimes known as "Hashi"), the grid represents a map of islands in the ocean. Connect islands together with bridges. To complete the puzzle, the number printed on each island must correspond with the number of bridges touching that island.

To draw a bridge, tap an island on the grid to select it, then tap a second island that is directly to the North, South, East or West (with no other island or perpendicular bridge occupying the space where the bridge will be drawn). You can also hold and drag from one island to the other.

If the source and/or destination island already has enough bridges connected to it to satisfy its clue number, a new bridge won't be added. You will need to delete another of the bridges connected to that island before a new bridge can be connected to it.

Up to two bridges can be placed on each route.

You can delete a bridge by tapping it.

Bridges can only be drawn horizontally (East-West) or vertically (North-South).

Bridges cannot cross other bridges or islands other than the source or destination.

Bridges can be of any length.

When an island has the correct number of bridges linked to it, the number on that island will turn yellow. Please note that this does not indicate that the specific bridges are the correct ones to solve the wider puzzle! This highlighting is only intended to help keep track of the parts of the puzzle that have already been attempted.

A meter directly below the game grid keeps track of how many bridges have been placed.

Once all the islands are connected by the correct number of bridges, the puzzle is complete.

In Standard Mode, no bridges have been placed on the grid at the start of the puzzle.

In Quick and Super Quick modes, some of the bridges have already been placed (in the correct locations) on the grid. If you have not played a Bridges puzzle before, you may want to try using Quick mode at first to help learn the rules.

Extra help

If you're stuck on a Bridges puzzle, you can use coins to buy hints.

Hints can be used by tapping on the relevant icon in the status bar area at the top of the screen.

The cost (in coins) to use each hint is printed under its icon.

■ Suggest a move

If you're struggling to see a logical move to enter, use this hint. The game will analyse the current grid and automatically draw a bridge in the correct place based on the information available.

■ Check for Errors

Use this hint to highlight any incorrectly placed bridges. Islands and bridges in error will be marked in red. Tap the red bridges to remove them.