If you have more than one device connected to the same Apple or Google Play account but don't want to sync your game progress between them, you can disable the cloud saving feature.

Please note that we strongly recommend keeping cloud saving enabled. If this feature is disabled your progress data will not be backed up online. If your local save data is lost it cannot be retrieved.

On iOS (iPhone/iPad) devices:

From the Settings app, select "Apple ID, iCloud..." (the top item on the menu), then select "iCloud", then scroll down the list to find "Puzzle Page", and set the toggle switch to the "off" position.

On Google Play (Android) devices:

From the Settings app/menu, select "Google", then select "Connected Apps", find "Puzzle Page" and select the "Disconnect" option. You may be asked to confirm you want to do this.

Please note that your subscription status will continue to be shared across all the devices on the same account if cloud saving is disabled. However game progress, coin and token balances will no longer be shared.