This message appears when Puzzle Page detects that your save data has been updated on another of your devices.

When cloud saving is enabled, the game will regularly sync your save data to the cloud in the background. If during this process more recent save data is found, you'll see this message.

This may occur once at the start of a game session when you've recently played Puzzle Page on another device.

If the game is being played on two or more devices signed into the same account at the same time, then this message may appear repeatedly.

If you want to play the game at the same time as someone else, set the "When detected, show this message" option to the 'off' position, you can both continue playing without being interrupted. This option will remain disabled for the rest of the game session, and will be re-enabled when the game is next restarted.

For more information about the Cloud Saving feature, please refer to the ☁️ Saving your progress section of the Playing Guide.