Slide the letter tiles into the grid to reveal a famous quotation from a notable individual or character from fiction.

How to play

Touch and drag the letter tiles from the columns above the answer grid to the desired square on the grid. Tiles can only be placed in squares in the same column.

(You can also tap on a square on the grid to select it, and then tap on one of the tiles above to enter it into the selected square - you may find this easier if you're using a device with a smaller screen.)

To erase a move, tap twice on a filled grid square to return that letter to the unused tiles.

(You can also drag a letter to outside of the playing area to return it to the unused tiles.)

You can also drag a placed letter to another square in the same column.

Extra help

If you're stuck on a puzzle, you can use coins to buy hints.

Hints can be used by tapping on the relevant icon in the status bar area at the top of the screen.

The cost (in coins) to use each hint is printed under its icon.

■ Reveal Letter
Use this hint to automatically move the correct tile into the currently selected blank cell.

■ Check for Errors
Use this hint to highlight any cells containing incorrect letters so they can be removed from the board.