Picture Cross, sometimes known as 'Picross', 'Nonograms' or 'Griddlers', are classic logic puzzles where you must use the number clues provided to fill in cells to paint a picture.

Color Picture Cross adds a new twist: there are now multiple colors that can be used to fill squares. You'll reveal the color image as you play!

How to play

Color Picture Cross uses slightly different rules to the standard Picture Cross puzzle.

Deduce which grid cells should be filled by using the number clues at the beginning of each column/row.

The clues list the number of unbroken groups of filled cells that should be entered on that line. Each clue number is in a box denoting the color of the cell group it represents.

In Color Picture Cross, there isn't always a gap of at least one blank square between filled cell groups on a line. Because of this, some of the strategies used to solve black & white Picture Cross puzzles won't work!

The only exception to this is when a clue contains two numbers of the same color next to each other - this indicates there is a gap of at least one unfilled cell between them.

Use the buttons directly below the puzzle to select the current paint colour, or 'X' (useful for marking cells that you have determined must remain blank):

When you select a paint color, the clue boxes matching that color will be highlighted with a solid border. You can use this to help if you're having difficulty distinguishing between color shades on your device's screen.

Start by filling in the squares that logically must be filled for the clue to be valid - for instance, if the puzzle grid is 15x15 cells wide, a clue of '15' indicates all the cells on that line are filled, and a clue of e.g. '1,14' has only one valid solution (1 filled square of the first color + 14 filled squares of the second color = 15).

You can mark squares that you have deduced are certain to be unfilled with an 'X', by selecting the 'X' button below the grid. Each line that is solved (or partially solved) provides new information for solving the lines perpendicular to it.

You should never need to guess an answer - doing so can make the puzzle harder to solve!

If you fill a cell or cells incorrectly, you can erase by tapping on the filled cells with the same tool selected.

Below is a (nearly) completed version of the puzzle shown above. You can see how the answers entered on each line correspond to the clues.

Extra help

If you're stuck on a Picture Cross puzzle, you can use coins to buy hints.

Hints can be used by tapping on the relevant icon in the status bar area at the top of the screen.

The cost (in coins) to use each hint is printed under its icon.

■ Suggest a move
If you're struggling to see a logical move to enter, use this hint. A row or column's clue will light up. Tap that clue and the game will automatically fill in all or part of that line, based on the information gained so far in the puzzle.

Please note that this often won't give the whole solution for a line - you may need to complete the rest as the remaining information becomes unambiguous, as surrounding cells are solved.

■ Check for Errors
Use this hint to highlight all the cells with incorrect values.