Firstly, please ensure your device is connected to the internet. Open the in-game Store and select the Free Tokens (Tapjoy) option. This will prompt the game to claim any pending offer rewards.

If the reward still hasn't appeared, you will need to contact Tapjoy customer support to let them know about the problem. You can do this from within the Offers page, or via their support site:

Very rarely, Tapjoy’s system will not correctly pass information back to the game to unlock the reward. In these cases, Tapjoy may be able to resend the reward.
Please note that some Tapjoy offers are not credited to the game immediately on completion, please refer to the details of each offer to check the typical delivery time.
This offerwall service is provided and administered by Tapjoy, Inc. We do not provide customer support for this service. Any enquiries about this service should be directed to Tapjoy customer care directly.