Each day, Puzzle Page publishes a new page of assorted puzzles (the Daily Page). You can access this page by tapping today’s date on the Calendar in the Hub screen, or the Play Today button directly below the calendar.

Each puzzle on the Daily Page lists its category (e.g., Crossword, Sudoku, Cross Sum, etc.), a small preview of the puzzle itself, and a status icon:

The ▶ icon with a number means that this puzzle is locked. Tap on the puzzle and you'll be prompted to unlock it (usually at the cost of some Tokens) and play it. Once a puzzle is unlocked, it stays unlocked forever and there's no time limit to completing it.

The 'in-progress' icon (shown above) indicates that you've unlocked this puzzle, but haven't yet completed it. Tap on the puzzle to continue from where you left off.

The gold 'completed' icon (shown above) indicates that you've completed this puzzle at least once. If you tap on the puzzle you'll be asked whether you want to replay it.

For full details on how to play each type of puzzle, please refer to the Puzzle Instructions section of this manual.