Where every letter has a code number! Solve the code (cipher) to fill in the crossword grid with valid words.

How to play

Codewords are like crossword puzzles without clues: the letters have all been replaced by code numbers. Using the letters already provided, work out the remaining letters by identifying the words!

Tap a square on the grid to select it, then tap a letter in the keypad area to fill all the squares marked with that code number with that letter.

Extra help

If you're stuck on a puzzle, you can use coins to buy hints.

Hints can be used by tapping on the relevant icon in the status bar area at the top of the screen.

The cost (in coins) to use each hint is printed under its icon.

■ Solve Cell
Use this hint to put the correct letter into the currently selected cell.

■ Check for Errors
Use this hint to highlight all the cells with incorrect letters.