Select a puzzle from the Map View to unlock and play it.

The object of each puzzle is to remove all the cards from the playing area, while also completing further objectives specific to that puzzle (listed in the preview window before the puzzle is accessed). Some puzzles require two or three layouts of cards ('deals') to be cleared before the puzzle is complete.

At the bottom of the playing area are the Deck and the Dealt Card pile. The card on the top of the Dealt Card pile is known as the Deal Card.

Cards can be removed from play if they're face up (i.e., not partially covered by any other card) and if their value is one greater or one lower than the Deal Card. Card face values proceed in the following sequence: A, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, K - with King (K) then wrapping back around to Ace (A) and vice versa. Removed cards are added to the Dealt Card pile, replacing the previous Deal Card.

If there are cards remaining in play but no valid move available, the player can draw another card from the deck which then becomes the Deal Card. The number of cards remaining in the deck are shown on the deck. Drawing a card from the deck cancels the current draw streak.

At any time during play, the player may also play Boost Cards if they have them. Please refer to the 'Boost Cards' section of the FAQ for details of each card.

If there are no cards left in the deck, cards still in play, and no valid move available, the game is lost. Sometimes you will be given the option to buy a further five cards to add to the deck to allow play to continue.

At the top of the playing area the current objective is displayed, with a progress bar indicating how much of the objective has been completed.

When all the cards have been removed from play, and all the objectives have been met, you win that puzzle! Most puzzle will reward you with coins and tokens, but look out for other rewards too.